Lead Investor in a Private Equity Deal

October 19, 2012

As a resource for this blog, I will be answering the frequently asked questions.  Today, we’re going to answer what is a lead investor in a private equity deal?

Question: What is a lead investor in a private equity deal?

Answer: A lead investor is the private equity investor that takes on the primary role and responsibility for the success of a club deal.  This is often the private equity firm that first discovered the opportunity and has approached other investors to pool money to make  the investment happen.  The lead investor will head up the investment process, negotiations and the monitoring of the investment.

You can often see examples of this in larger buyouts that are done as syndicate investments pulling in multiple buyout firms; in this case, one buyout firm usually takes the lead, although the other firms are still involved in overseeing and assisting in the deal.

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