Q3 2010 Private Equity Data

October 5, 2010

Q3 2010 Private Equity Data 

 Private Equity Has Strongest Quarter Since Financial Crisis

Private equity deal flow increased for the third straight quarter in what was the strongest quarter for the industry since the financial crisis.   Preqin’s latest data shows that there were 515 private equity deals announced in the third quarter of 2010 with an aggregate value of $66.7 billion–a 29% boost in value from the previous quarter.  This quarter’s aggregate value was a 147% increase from that of Q1 2010.   The other key findings in the report are as follows:

  • In Q3 2010, North American aggregate deal value increased 6.5% from the previous quarter, with 249 deals valued at $34.2 billion announced in Q3 2010, up from the 233 buyouts valued at $32bn in Q2 2010.
  • Furthermore, Q3 2010 deal flow in North America represents a significant 165% increase on the aggregate deal value seen in the region in Q1 2010, and remains notably higher than deal flow witnessed in the region during 2009.
  • European aggregate deal value increased significantly from the previous quarter, with 186 buyouts valued at $26.3bn announced during the quarter, a notable 120% increase from the $12bn in deal value witnessed during Q2 2010.
  • Almost half of all deals announced globally in Q3 2010 were leveraged buyouts, and such deals accounted for nearly two-thirds of the aggregate deal value worldwide during the quarter.
  • Growth capital investments accounted for 23% of all deals completed in Q3 2010, and add-on deals made up 20% of all private equity buyout-backed investments.
  • Buyouts valued at over $1bn accounted for 60% of global aggregate deal value of deals in Q3 2010, and public-to-private deals accounted for 23%.   Read more of Preqin’s report.

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