Private Equity Associate

August 4, 2008

Private Equity Associate

Private Equity Associate Skills

A private equity associate is the typical entry-level position for MBA graduates. An associate candidate should be able to perform at all stages of the deal, from making the deal to operations and even fund raising.  For a video on private equity associate compensation, join the Certified Private Equity Professional program.

A worthy candidate should possess three core skills:

  1. Technical skills- Firms often specialize in a certain sector or domain. An associate’s responsibility is to gain expertize in that area.
  2. Analytical skills- Associates must be able to understand business models, research and collect relevant data, and conduct an extensive analysis on potential investments. Most MBA programs should prepare candidates for this area of the job to a small extent, but further self-preparation is recommended.
  3. Interpersonal skills- Not only are interpersonal skills important for succeeding in the firm, a large part of a private equity associate’s job is networking with contacts–from investors to service providers. Interpersonal skills are essential for success in the private equity industry.

Private equity associates are expected to interpret data rapidly, interpret it effectively and come up with a conclusion. Although an associate’s duties vary by firm, that any associate should possess.

The Certified Private Equity Professional certification and training program can be completed by anyone who wants to learn more about private equity and have that knowledge then tested and verified by the Private Equity Investment Group

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