Venture Capital Interview Questions

July 30, 2008

Venture Capital Job Interview Questions

Possible Venture Capital Interview Questions-Part 3

With any interview you want to be prepared, and being prepared means understanding the industry which you are trying to enter and the type of employee that industry recruiters are searching for. Via Vault, here are some possible questions that you may encounter during a venture capital interview. This is the third and final addition to a series that is split into three areas: expertise, venture capital process and personality. If you missed them, here is Part 1 and Part 2.

Personality questions - These questions are more general and apply to most job interviews.

  1. Where do you want to be in five years? If you are applying pre-MBA be sure to say that you hope to obtain an MBA by that time and be working in the venture capital industry.
  2. Would you ever want to be an entrepreneur? If you are pre-MBA it’s okay to say yes because it’s pretty typical for young professionals to be more open to entrepreneurship, but it’s more tricky if you are trying to get a partner-track position. In that case it is usually better to downplay any desire to be an entrepreneur because firms hiring for a partner-track position want someone dedicated exclusively to that position and bringing in a lot of money.
  3. What will you do if you don’t get a job here or in the venture capital industry? Express your desire to work within the venture capital industry, but if that doesn’t work out you would try elsewhere in private equity or a related field.
  4. What did you like about your old job and why did you leave? I have been asked this question at every interview I have had, so be ready. This is a good opportunity to express your excitement for working in venture capital. Tell how other jobs just weren’t satisfying and venture capital seems like the best match for your personality (here’s an opportunity to name your strengths). Don’t complain too much about your past job, you may come off as a difficult or bitter person.
  5. What’s the thing you are most proud of? Have some great stories that highlight your abilities, it’s okay to brag a bit here.

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